2017 Spring Graduate Student Newsletter

Welcome to the 2017 Spring AERA Graduate Student Newsletter! We are glad you have found your way here and look forward to connecting with you. Please view our various tabs for updates, opportunities, and events. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions and visit us at the Graduate Student Council booth at AERA 2017 in sunny San Antonio, Texas! The GSC booth is located at AERA registration. Its primary purpose is to orient new graduate students with AERA and sessions that might be of interest to you.

And now a message from our the Graduate Student Council Chair:

Greetings Fellow Graduate Students,

Thank you for reading the 2017 Spring Graduate Student Newsletter, your source for regular updates and resources. As your chair of the Graduate Student Council, I want to first extend my gratitude. I am deeply humbled and honored to serve our 7,000 student-member constituency and look forward to the continued tradition of excellence as we embark on our centennial year.

I really enjoyed meeting many of you in Washington, DC at the annual conference last year. I was also very impressed with the student turnout at GSC sessions. Many ballrooms had standing room only and we ran out of GSC programs on the first day. It is inspiring to see new students so eager to advance knowledge about education and engage in scholarly inquiry about education. I was thrilled to witness the dialogue between veteran educational researchers and new students. It’s energizing to see passion in the next generation of researchers to promote their research to improve education and serve the public good. I hope you also found some time to enjoy our capital city and peak-bloom cherry blossoms. Spring is such a beautiful time of year to visit DC!

This year, we transition from sharing what we know about public scholarship to acting on what we know about public scholarship under the annual conference theme of “Knowledge to Action: Achieving the Promise of Equal Educational Opportunity.” This year’s conference in San Antonio, Texas is sure to inspire ways in which educational researchers can position themselves to improve educational opportunities and forge pathways in achieving equal educational opportunities.

We have a lot of great social events, a new philanthropic project about early childhood literacy, and some great Fireside Chats in store. As always, the GSC strides to meet the needs of students and advocate on their behalf, so if you would like to include anything in particular in future years, please feel free to share your ideas! I can be reached at rollertk@msu.edu.

The Graduate Student Council is committed to making AERA 2017 a meaningful and engaging experience for all students and members. If you are interested in becoming more involved or a part of the Graduate Student Council, please check out opportunities to be a GSC campus liaison or to self-nominate yourself to run for an elected position.

Hope to see you in San Antonio!

Best regards,

Kate Rollert French
AERA Graduate Student Council Chair 2016-2017
Doctoral Candidate, Michigan State University
Department of Educational Policy