Division A – Administration, Organization, and Leadership

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The purpose of the AERA Division A Graduate Student Representatives and Committee Members is to work collaboratively with one another in order to provide opportunities for other graduate students in the division. The goal is to strengthen and broaden the graduate school experience for Division A students. This is accomplished by disseminating information about annual AERA and UCEA conference sessions, invite participation in the Connect Series webinars, and inform of various scholarships and awards through the AERA Graduate Student listserv and social media outlets. AERA Division A conference sessions and the Connect Series are planned to help fellow graduate students navigate academic life, to provide opportunities for networking with fellow graduate students, faculty, and practitioners in the field, and to offer guidance in transitioning from graduate student life to careers as professional scholars and researchers. There are lots of ways to get involved with Division A graduate student activities with varying levels of commitment. Graduate students are encouraged to contact the Senior or Junior Representative for more information about opportunities to get involved with Division A graduate student activities. The contact information for the Senior and Junior Representatives is: Emma Bullock at emma.bullock@aggiemail.usu.edu and Wei-Ling Sun at sunwl27@utexas.edu.

Division Updates / Upcoming Events

  • Division A Graduate Student Research Dialogic Forum (By Invitation Only)Friday, April 28th, 8:15-9:45am |Grand Hyatt Third Floor Independence

    Chaired by Amy L. Gearhart (University of Missouri-Columbia), the purpose of the Division A Dialogic forum, a pre-session event, is to provide graduate students an opportunity to a) present new research perspectives on current educational issues addressing the AERA theme, and b) receive constructive feedback from scholars and peers about current and future directions of the research and its contribution to the field around this theme. These presentations from graduate students also act as a platform to encourage discussion, which helps shape the direction of research agendas within the field.

  • Division A Fireside ChatFriday, April 28th, 10:35am-12:05pm |Convention Center, Meeting Room Level, Rm. 215

    Co-chaired by Emma Bullock (Utah State University) and Wei-Ling Sun (University of Texas at Austin). STEM initiatives abound to support K-16 science, technology, engineering, and mathematics activities that educate and engage young people while fostering creativity and innovation. Early exposure to STEM initiatives and activities positively impact elementary students’ perceptions and dispositions. Children on track to complete needed coursework in middle and high school are better able to enter STEM degree programs at institutions of higher learning. However, these rich educational opportunities are often not equitably extended to diverse and marginalized populations. In this session, researchers and practitioners in the trenches of educational leadership and STEM education will dialogue on the current research behind, and practical steps being undertaken around the country, to allow for equitable access to STEM education for all America’s children. With Dr. Issam Abi-El-Mona, Department of STEAM Education Center, Science/Math and MA STEM Program Coordinator, STEM-SIG Chair, Rowan University as moderator. Panelists include Dr. Erin Peters-Burton, Director and Associate Professor, Division of Educational Psychology, Research Methods, and Education Policy, George Mason University, and eSTEM Project collaborator, Dr. Alexis Martin, Director of Research and Evaluation at the Level Playing Field Institute, Dr. Tia Madkins, Center for STEM Education, University of Notre Dame, and members of School Leadership from the San Antonio Independent School District.

  • Division A Business MeetingSaturday, April 29th, 6:30-8:30pm | Convention Center, Meeting Room Level, Rm. 2017A

    Chaired by Dr. Michael E. Dantley, Miami University. Please plan to attend our business meeting to have a voice in the future direction of your division and to learn about opportunities to participate in the leadership (and followership) of the Division.

  • Division A and L Joint ReceptionSaturday, April 29th, 8:00-9:30pm | Convention Center, River Level, Rm. 4

    UCEA, Division A, Division L, and SAGE Publications Joint Reception

    Saturday, April 29th, 8:00-10:00pm | Grand Hyatt, 4th Floor, Texas Ballroom, Salon F

Getting Involved

Division A Graduate Student Committee Opportunities: There are interesting and rewarding ways in which to become involved with Division A as a graduate student. Keep your eyes out for the opportunity to become a member of the Division A Graduate Student Committee. Positions include 2-year Junior Representative/Senior Representative, and 1-year opportunities like Connect Series Co-Chair, UCEA Publishing Session Chair, Communications Co-Chair, Foster-Polite Scholarship Chair, Dialogic Forum Chair, and Lead Reviewers. All of these positions allow for fantastic networking with graduate students, faculty, and practitioners interested in administration, policy, organization, and leadership. Applications will be solicited starting February 2017!


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