Division G – Social Context of Education

2017 Annual Conference Division Poster



The Division G Graduate Executive Committee is excited to kick off the new academic year. The committee is lead by Berenice Sanchez (Indiana University) and Eriq Felix (University of Southern California). Our Graduate Executive Committee is 12 members strong this year. We are developing new programs, podcasts, and activities leading up to the annual meeting in San Antonio.

Division Updates

We are excited to offer live streamed workshops and professional development opportunities this year. Our first workshop is scheduled for October, check our website: https://aeradivg.wordpress.com/ for specific info or follow us on twitter: @AERADivG

Upcoming Events

To be updated.

Getting Involved

Graduate students can get involved with Division G by serving as Division G campus liaison representatives for their campuses. Graduate students serve as liaisons between AERA and their campuses across the country and world by connecting AERA to graduate students, institutions, faculty, and facilitating the conversations held at the annual conference throughout the year. At each institution, these liaisons create and coordinate events of interest for AERA Division G members. If graduate students decide to serve as campus liaisons for their campuses then members of the Division G Graduate Student Executive Committee will help them plan and execute Division G events at their institutions. If you are interested in becoming a campus liaison please contact Eriq Felix, eric.felix@usc.edu

Keep up with the news, announcements, and calls that will be released this school year via our blog or social media. We aim to create space to highlight the great work that graduate students are doing worldwide.

WordPress Blog: https://aeradivg.wordpress.com/

Twitter: @AERA Division G

Facebook: AERA Division G Students: Social Context of Education

Contact us: divggrads@gmail.com


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