Division K – Teaching and Teacher Education

2017 Annual Conference Division Poster

AERA Div K GSC Poster 2017_3.20.2017


Division K is comprised of scholars around the world interested in teaching and teacher education and led by our Division Vice President, Dr. Katherine Schultz (University of Colorado-Boulder). Division K represents the largest number of AERA members, and as such has several sections that focus on a variety of components of teaching and teacher education. As a whole, the Division is dedicated to fostering education initiatives and research that contribute to social justice.

Meet your Division K Graduate Student Council (GSC) Representatives

Maria F.G. Wallace, Senior Representative                                                                             Louisiana State University | mmaria2@lsu.edu

Maria Wallace is a Ph.D. candidate studying Curriculum and Instruction at Louisiana State University with a specialization in Science Education, cognate in Curriculum Theory, and minor in Women & Gender studies. Maria draws on a feminist poststructural lens to deterritorialize ways beginning (science) teachers’ subjectivities and practice get (re)produced and (co)constructed. Drawing on ethnographic practices and post-qualitative modes of inquiry, Maria works to (re)imagine the ways beginning (science) teachers are “known”, named, and produced.

Josephine Pham, Junior Representative                                                                                 University of California, Los Angeles | josephinepham@ucla.edu

Josephine Pham is a Ph.D. student in the Urban Schooling program at UCLA’s Graduate School of Education & Information Studies. Drawing from her experiences working as a classroom teacher in public and charter schools serving primarily students of color in the San Francisco Bay Area, she intends to study the recruitment, retention, and unique growth trajectories of teachers of color. In particular, she is interested in how teachers of color become socially conscious change agents who learn how to navigate and transform institutions so that they are more equitable and just places, particularly for historically and politically marginalized students of color.

Meet your Division K Graduate Student Executive Board

Lakesia L. Dupree | University of South Florida | ldupree@mail.usf.edu

Lakesia L. Dupree is currently a PhD student studying Curriculum and Instruction with a dual specialization in Mathematics Education and Elementary Education and a cognate in Program Evaluation. Lakesia’s research interests includes utilizing mathematics content coaching and job embedded professional development as a vehicles to fuse the gap between theory and practice in teacher education. Lakesia also investigates equitable mathematics education and clinically rich teacher preparation.

Rebecca Gadd | University of Michigan | rgadd@umich.edu

Rebecca Gadd is PhD candidate in Educational Studies with a specialization in Teaching and Teacher Education. Her research interests include understanding the relationship between how the field defines the work of teaching and teachers’ ability to offer equitable opportunities to learn to students, as well as developing and improving approaches to practice-based teacher education for preparing competent and equitable beginning teachers. Specifically, Rebecca’s work explores how culture and cognition shape the ways in which beginning teachers learn to coordinate attention to content, students, and pedagogical methods in practice.

Division Updates

As we gear up for AERA 2017 in San Antonio, TX, Divison K is also preparing to expand the ways we support graduate student involvement. Foreshadowing future initiatives is a brand new Division K Graduate Student Executive Board! The Division K Graduate Student Executive Board will facilitate an array of opportunities for professional development, mentoring, online resources, and community outreach. As these new projects continue to unfold, keep an eye out for further details. These are exciting times for Division K graduate students.

Upcoming Events

Every year Divison K hosts a Fireside Chat designed with our graduate students specifically in mind. Keep an eye for more details about the session and other pre-conference sessions for graduate students in the months to come!

Getting Involved

Division K has a growing number of ways for graduate students to become involved in the Division. From starting up a “Free Little Library” in your institution’s local community to following the Division on Facebook, engagement opportunities for graduate student are quite diverse. Below are a few of the current options Division K graduate students:

  • Community Service Project: This year, GSC’s philanthropy project is to increase children’s accessibilities to books outside of their schools and classrooms through Little Free Lending Libraries. The goal is to build and place 20 Little Free Lending Libraries across the United States by November 21, and maintain them throughout the 2016-2017 academic year. If you are interested in helping Division K contribute to this larger project, please contact our Sr. and Jr. representatives at mmaria2@lsu.edu and josephinepham@ucla.edu For more information about the project, please visit http://www.littlelfreelibrary.org or contact Katy Chapman, the AERA Community liaison, at kchapma@asu.edu.
  • Become a Division K Campus Liaison: Campus Liaisons serve as an integral connection between the graduate students and AERA. As a Campus Liaison, the major responsibility that you will have is to recruit and garner student interest to be involved with AERA. Campus Liaisons may also choose to be a resource at your particular institution for any questions or concerns that graduate students may have in regards to AERA. To garner interest in AERA from the graduate students at your institution, Campus Liaisons may hold an informal meeting in which they provide an overview about AERA and the GSC to other graduate students. Additionally, Campus Liaisons are required to familiarize themselves with the administrative and governance policies of the GSC—most of the information can be found on the GSC webpages (aera.net). If you are interested in become a Campus Liaison, please contact the Division K Graduate Representatives and GSC Community Liaison, Kathy Chapman (kchapma@asu.edu).
  • Social Media: Join Division K’s virtual community of scholars! By following both our Twitter and Facebook Page you gain access to current job postings, relevant blog posts, news articles, and updates regarding the 2016 meeting. Division K Facebook Page Division K Twitter Handle Volunteer to be a Reviewer Division K serves the largest number of AERA members and consequently receives the greatest amount of presentation proposals each year! We depend on our knowledgeable members to participate in the review process. Not only does your engagement in proposal review count as service to the profession, it is a great way to gain insight on the submission process.

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