Jr. Newsletter Editor

Krystal Huff

Krystal Huff is an activist-scholar driven by her passion for liberatory education. After earning a dual degree in Woman studies and African American studies from UC Riverside, and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, Krystal dove head first into her passion and served as the co-chair for the Service and Diversity committee for the Graduate Education Association at Boston College. In addition, Krystal became involved with YouthBuild USA where she oversaw 190 affiliated organizations and played an integral role in helping to organize YouthBuild’s first national day of advocacy.

Upon returning to Los Angeles, she served in various capacities centered around education and community empowerment. One of her most notable roles was as the supervising case manager for a City of Los Angeles Family Source Center, an organization dedicated to improving the life chances of under-served communities.

Krystal is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Educational Leadership for Social Justice at Loyola Marymount University. Her research focuses on how education can function as a mechanism to strengthen liberatory relationships in the lives of youth. Krystal also serves as Board President for Leadership through Empowerment Action and Dialogue: an educational non-profit, and holds two Research Assistantships and one Teaching Assistantship at LMU.