Laura Hamman

Laura Hamman is a Ph.D. candidate in Curriculum & Instruction at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She works at the intersection of applied linguistics and bilingual education. Specifically, her dissertation research explores the discourse practices, language ideologies, and identity enactments of young learners in a two-way immersion program in order to better understand how students experience the process of be(com)ing bilingual.

Laura has published in the Journal of Literacy Research and has a forthcoming chapter in the latest publication of the TIRF Routledge series, entitled “Bilingualism for all?: Interrogating practice and policy in dual language education in Wisconsin.” Prior to beginning her doctoral studies, Laura taught culturally and linguistically diverse students in San Antonio, Texas; Santiago, Chile; and Chicago, Illinois. Over the last five years, Laura has taught courses at the undergraduate and graduate level in second language acquisition theory, ESL methods, and educational linguistics, both at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Notre Dame.

Laura’s motivation for her work stems from her personal experiences as an educator and a second language learner and her belief in the potential for equity-focused bilingual programs to bring about transformative societal change.