What We Do


Our Mission:

The mission of The Graduate Student Council (GSC) is to facilitate and promote the transition from graduate student to professional researcher and/or practitioner by providing opportunities within AERA for growth, development and advancement. In addition, the Graduate Student Council seeks to help graduate students navigate the obstacles, rewards, challenges, and support networks of academic life. Further, the Graduate Student Council will carry out the mission of AERA through the research, scholarship, and professional endeavors of graduate students. For the most updated information on GSC activities within AERA and beyond, keep tabs on this quarterly newsletter, check in with your division representative and do not hesitate to get involved!

Our Aims:

The Graduate Student Council has five major responsibilities: annual meeting planning, student advocacy, information dissemination, community building, and self governance.

Our Commitment to You:

We seek to provide you with opportunities for growth and development within AERA through connecting with you, engaging in dialogue and continually challenging ourselves to better serve our graduate student community.